Copywriting for Small Businesses

newspaper adThere was an ad that appeared in my local newspaper one time that I will always remember. It said: “XYZ Company – were good people to work with.” Of course ‘were’ was supposed to be ‘we’re,’ and a majority of individuals who saw this mistake would realize how easy it can be to make a mistake and just how important copywriting really is. This is one reason why professional copywriters such as CopyQueens are worth every cent!

If you happen to own a small business, or even a large one for that matter, copywriting is among the most critical skills┬áthat you can have to help you entice customers to spend their money with your business instead of the competition. Why is that? Because ultimately most of your marketing communication – or at least the communications that you have with your customers – is going to succeed or fail on the basis of your copywriting. As I write this, I can hear photographers, graphic designers and other professionals starting to revolt, so allow me to use an example to explain.

Picture a website that is a perfect reflection of its business. It has an ideal design, engaging images, superb fonts and colors that are absolutely spot on. However, there isn’t any copy. For some very specific uses that might work. However, it isn’t an option for most business owners. Now picture this same website, however there aren’t any contact details, or information on the products or services, or the spelling and grammar are horrible, or the copy doesn’t make any sense. Unfortunately, this does happen. More common, but less obvious, is when the copy just isn’t informative, interesting and engaging.

copywriting for businessThat is why copywriting is critically important.

So what can you do to ensure your business copy is effective? The following are some important things to take into consideration:

One key to persuading people to purchase your services or products is to get them engaged emotionally. How can this be achieved? Simply put, discuss the benefits instead of the features. For example, if you are selling widescreen LCD televisions, focus on the superior viewing in every lighting condition and clear picture that will make all of your friends jealous, instead of matte screen and 1080 resolution. This doesn’t mean that no features should be included, since some individuals do like knowing about them. However, they shouldn’t be your main focus.

One major mistake that many individuals make is having too much written copy. In general, in order for your marketing communications material to be the most effective, it needs to have copy that is to the point, relevant and short. In many cases it might be better leaving your customers wanting to have more. That way they will need to take action and get in touch with you to get more information.

Be sure that you make your subheadings and headings (as well as subject lines in email marketing and other mediums ) engaging and memorable. Think of a sales letter with a heading that reads ‘50% off certain stock this week only’ compared to ‘Monthly Special.’

copy-writingDon’t forget to include information regarding your business that might help to stand out against the competition. Key areas include your services, products and prices. Maybe you offer the lowest prices within your local area, package deals, free delivery, superior service, best quality products, etc. That kind of information can make an excellent starting point to use in your copywriting since it is the kind of information customers like to read about and that you would like prospective customers to be aware of.

Above all else, don’t be mediocre with any of your marketing communications. According to research, all of us are exposed to hundreds of different marketing messages on a daily basis. If you have a boring message, what are the chances of it being heard?

If you aren’t confident about writing your own copy, don’t hesitate to hire a copywriter. Paying for a good one will be money very well spent. Now that you have the above tips as part of your arsenal, it will be much easier for you to select a good copywriter from mediocre ones. Request to view samples of their work and discuss what ideas they have for your specific project.